Keep Up to Date

  • As a courtesy swimmers are entitled to a maximum of 3 make-up lessons per term, upon giving 5 hours notice of absence prior to the class.
  • Within your customer portal. You mark an absence from a class which automatically activates a make-up.
  • All absences and make-up lessons must be notified of/booked via the Customer Portal
  • Failure to enter any absences will forfeit a make-up opportunity.
  • Make-up lessons are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. No refund or credit will be given if a suitable lesson is unavailable.
  • By clients entering absences this allows others to use this spot for make-ups.
  • Make-up lesson cannot be used in the Holiday Program.
  • Booking a make-up is a live feed which will display available classes and correct level up to 7 days in advance.
  • Any make-up lessons not completed within the term will not be credited or refunded.
  • Make-up lessons are not permitted during the first week of term.

Starfish will not provide a refund for any reason once term has commenced.
If you wish to cancel your enrolment once term has commenced Starfish will not refund or credit fees to future terms.
If you cancel your enrolment before term has commenced, we will happily refund or credit fees to future terms.

Starfish will send out a statement of fees 4 weeks before the end of term. Current swimmers will then have two weeks to reenrol for the upcoming term
If no payment is received, we will assume you don’t wish to swim with us in the following term and your position will be given to a family on our wait list.

Our pool is heated to a beautiful 33 degrees, making it one of the warmest pools around. Perfect for our swimmers, ranging in age, from 6months to 13yrs. No excuse to not swim through winter. Summer swimmers are made in winter!

Starfish Swim School prides itself on having the best staff in the business. All instructors must have either a Swim Australia, Austswim or LSV license. They must hold a current CPR certificate and Working With Children Check. We provide ongoing in house training to keep both instructors and their students at the forefront of the industry. Staff meetings are held every term to digest the term that was, discuss parent feedback and strategies on ways to improve all aspects of Starfish Swim School.

Infant Aquatics
  • Swim nappy if not toilet trained
  • Parents to wear whatever they feel comfortable in
  • Towel
Learn to Swim (LTS)
  • Swimming cap - Compulsory. This is mainly for hygiene purposes. It keeps hair out of our filters. Keeps hair out of swimmers face. Helps keep goggles on.
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Drink bottle (optional)
Pre Squad
  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles
  • Drink bottle
  • Towel

  • Swimming caps - Silicon or Lycra (material caps).
  • Goggles - Junior and senior.
  • Vending machine - Drinks and food.

Of course! New enrolments are accepted throughout each term, if availability allows. Your term fee will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Starfish does operate term by term. However, our terms are longer than the public school terms. Starfish only break for one week in-between terms, which is usually the second week of school holidays. In that one week off between terms, we run our very popular swim intensive week. Over Christmas, we close for three weeks. The week before we open for term 1, we run our intensive week. This is usually mid January.



Having breaks over winter terms will slow the momentum and great progress your child has made until then.

We all know the aim of swimming lessons firstly is to make sure our children are properly water safe…becoming an Olympic swimmer can be achieved later down the track.

To achieve this goal, swimming all year round will allow for water safe swimmers to happen much quicker and faster.

At Starfish we are always assessing the kids. If our instructors believe a student is ready to move to the next level, they will notify reception, which will then get in contact with you. We also do Formal grading every term.

Formal grading consists of instructors grading directly onto tablets at the end of each class. This allows the instructors to best gauge the ability of their students and grade correctly. Grading occurs over two weeks, in case some students are away and for the instructors to best understand the child’s true ability. After the two weeks, the grading is automatically uploaded to each families account which can be accessed on the Portal.

Students who are graded to move up, an email is sent to the family.  This email will confirm the skills mastered and allow you to print and even post your child's certificate from the Parent Portal.

If you don't receive an email, this means that your child is still learning some of the required skills to progress to the next level. The Parent Portal will allow you to follow up on which skills still need to be mastered to progress.  We work diligently to find the right class to support your child's progress.

  • Infant program and Learn to Swim Program: In the water.
  • We believe that up until these levels are mastered the children need a, hands on approach to develop their confidence and stroke technique.
  • Pre Squad: we have 1 instructor in the water and 1 out on pool deck.

  • How long is a piece of string?
  • Every child is different and develops at a different rate. They will eventually develop the same skills. Their ability and time to learn to swim depend on a variety of variables.
  • Do they have on-going lessons?
  • Their coordination.
  • Their willingness to learn
  • Quality of instructor
  • stoping over winter
  • Fear
  • How often do they miss lessons.
  • Holidays
  • The list goes on…

Children will also plateau at times in their swimming education where you feel they’re not learning. This is a time of consolidation and they are in fact still learning and should not be taken out of the program.

  • When a parent helps a child or multiple children change, please use the change room of the adult’s gender. If a mum is helping her sons she would use the female change room and vice versa.
  • We try to encourage kids 7 years and up to always use the change room of their gender.