Water Quality/Hygeine

UV Treatment


To keep Starfish at the forefront of the industry, we have installed a state of the art and environmentally friendly UV water purification system that means fresher and cleaner water without the strong smell of chlorine.

Ultra Violet light is similar to using the rays of the sun for water purification and is the most natural method with no chemicals and no risk.

The UV System does not eliminate the use of chlorine totally because our health regulations require us to maintain a constant level of chlorine. However using UV reduces the level of a chlorine by-product Chloromines, which is evident in chlorinated water and this dramatically reduces or eliminates the chlorine smell.

For swimmers, this means:

  • Gentler on babies skin
  • No more red eyes and skin irritations
  • Better environment for asthmatics
  • Fresher and cleaner water
  • Reduced wear on bathers
  • Friendlier to the environment

We are the only pool in the area to offer this system. This was a major investment, and we are proud of the comfort it brings to our customers.

Our pool has a water turnover rate of 2 hours — all 175,000 litres of water passes through our filter and UV systems every 2 hrs. This makes sure our water is fresh and hygienically clean for clients to swim in and be safe.

Pool Water Monitoring

The water at Starfish is tested every 4 hours using the latest photometer water testing equipment. This ensures our pool water is always at the required levels to be clean and safe to swim in. It also meets with the strictest of health guidelines.

Starfish goes a step further to maintain the best water quality out there by hiring the services of Kerrie Crosly from Aqua Science Consultancy to come every 3 months to further test our water quality . Kerry takes water samples back to her laboratory and performs detailed tests and analysis that go beyond what is required by council. This is another testament to the emphasis we put on our water quality.

Air Ventilation and Heating

Starfish has a dehumidifier. What this does is keep the moisture out of the pool room environment and circulates clean fresh air throughout the pool enclosure.

The dehumidifier can be set to any temperature to make sure the pool area is at a suitable and comfortable ambient temperature in all seasons.

Centre cleaning

Starfish Swim School has professional cleaners come 7 days a week, nightly for 3hrs . This is our biggest expense but is nonnegotiable as we pride our selves on   cleanliness and superior hygiene as we are dealing with young children. Staff are also required to spot clean throughout the day.

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