Water Safety

Starfish Swim School promotes water safety through its day-to-day lessons.

We also have our special water safety weeks in terms two and four.

In term 4 we aline ourself with the ‘Play it Safe by the Water’ campaign which is promoted by Aquatics and Recreation http://www.aquaticsandrecreation.org.au/watersafety

The Play it Safe by the Water campaign (PISBTW) commenced in 1998. The annual campaign is supported by the Victorian Government and has linked a number of aquatic-related industries with a common objective of reducing the number of drownings in Victoria and increasing the awareness among the Victoria community about water safety.

The main feature of campaign is Water Safety Week, focusing around a media campaign to complement awareness and education activities, which encourage lifesaving clubs and aquatic facilities to get involved and promote the importance of water safety prior to the peak summer season.

During water safety weeks children come to swim in clothes without goggles and a cap. This mimics a more realistic scenario to prepare the children for different dangerous situations and scenarios.

We teach activities such as:

  • Rescues
  • Entries
  • Survival strokes
  • Fitting PFDs (personal flotation device, or ‘life jackets’)
  • Treading water
  • Signals

We also encourage children to ask questions and we talk to them about safety indifferent aquatic environments. The importance of water safety is critical for both children and parents so they understand and respect the aquatic environments.

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